Network & Security

Networking & Security

The speed at which your staff can access relevant information across your business network can greatly affect your company's productivity. Whether you have an existing network or are looking to implement one, ARCITECHX can help you optimize and protect your network while maintaining an appropriate level of security.
Having Issues with Your Existing Network?
Our technicians can look at your existing network as a whole and analyze it for any inefficiencies and vulnerabilities. By eliminating any hindrances in your network, we can help you improve network speeds. Through careful diagnosis, we systematically inspect each network component and determine if the configuration and equipment are performing to their best ability. Our team is well versed in a wide range of network administration capabilities to include:
  • Network Design & Implementation
  • Managed IT Services
  • Data Security & Risk Assessment
  • Phone Systems
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Data Backups
  • Server Administration
  • Custom Computer Builds
Starting From Scratch?
Let our expert staff help you plan and implement your company network so you get the most performance out of your network for your budget. By planning a network properly from the beginning, it can lead to significant cost savings and minimize network outages. Once the network is properly planned, we can help you to run your cables through your building, efficiently and professionally. Our certified network cabling gives you a sound foundation to build your network upon.

We support a wide range of clients across various service industries so we are well equipped to understand your data systems and their specific requirements. As we bring expertise on hardware/software, we can help you identify and build/procure the equipment and programs that will meet your ongoing needs.

To schedule a networking & security consultation, call us at (850) 601-5566.

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